Live & Love Botanicals is a line of hand-crafted bath salts, infused with dried herbs, flowers, and essential oils.
I was approached to do this project by my friend Sami, who wanted to try her hand at entrepreneurship. I love seeing friends create and build things so I agreed to design assets she would need to launch and market her products.
After a few rounds of logo exploration, we happily landed on this stylized ampersand. It references the scales used to weigh ingredients, and gives a nod to the company's philosophy of balance in ones life and its importance to wellbeing.
Sami is also sensitive to waste and wanted to use packaging that was affordable, re-usable, and easy for her to access as these were being made on a per order basis. Canning jars were the perfect solution.
Despite this pragmatic choice, it was still important for these products to attract higher-end consumers, and not just the eco-conscious. The labels needed to elevate the ubiquitous mason jars into something more elegant and serene.
The lines on each label represent the various scents encapsulated in each blend.
They drift through the air around us with no clear boundary, a myriad of molecules coming together to engage our, often underappreciated, sense of smell.
I'm happy to report that these salts have been sold at farmer's markets, street fairs, and even stocked in a few grocery stores. Sami is now considering expanding her business to include wellness events and personal coaching.